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About Kylie, owner and OPERATOR

 My name is Kylie Riser, and I have been an animal lover my entire life.  I worked in animal rescue for 8 years before deciding to open Old Line Pet Sitting in 2014, which has provided me with experience with all types of dogs and cats, from socializing feral kittens to caring for elderly dogs to administering medication to uncooperative cats. This is where my passion for dog walking and pet sitting services comes from.

 Growing up I always had a pet, including hamsters, guinea pigs, a rabbit, and cats.  But when I was 13, my parents finally granted my wish to get a dog.  They bought me a book on dog breeds and I fell in love with the Bernese Mountain Dog.  I convinced my mom that a 100+ pound dog would not be an issue.  When my dad asked how big they were, I innocently replied “medium”.  When my mom and I came home with a 4 month old puppy that weighed 40 pounds, the jig was up.  Of course, it took about a day for my dad to be just as much in love with him as I was. 

I currently have 3 cats- Aspen, Tide and Nolin.  Nolin was a foster failure from my previous job.  Aspen was adopted when my now-husband moved to the DC area and I was still in school. Tide was also adopted from my previous job.

I also have 2 dogs, Nyx and Ajax.  They are both Leonbergers, and are basically the sweetest dogs you could imagine.  Nyx is a 110 pound female and Ajax is 125 pound male, so I have plenty of experience with large breed dogs!

During my free time, I volunteer with Maryland Therapeutic Riding, where I lead horses during their lessons.  I have been volunteering there since 2014 and have met so many wonderful people and horses!

Nyx, my first Leonberger

Nyx, my first Leonberger